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T A B L E : Scones from Suzie's xx - Uccia Loves

T A B L E : Scones from Suzie’s xx

One of my favorite snacks is a scone from Souen, the NYC institution for natural organic foods prepared by Macrobiotic principles.  Above is the chocolate-blueberry scone I feasted on yesterday with my Kukicha tea.  Kukicha is a stem popular for its richness in calcium (it has six times more calcium than cows milk), vitamin C (2 times more than oranges), and it aids in digestion.  I like my sweetened with a touch of maple syrup and a drop of soy milk, which goes perfectly with the scone that is not too moist, not too dry and not too sweet.  There are three Souen locations, or Suzie’s as we like to call it, below 14th street from east to west- all a little different, the Prince Street location being the one I frequent most. Click the link above to find the one that suits you xx