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L O N D O N: Selfridges & Lingerie - Uccia Loves

L O N D O N: Selfridges & Lingerie

I generally do not care for department stores but the exception lies in Selfridges and their flagship store on London’s Oxford Street.  I love their displays, their merchandising, their staff and though it always seems fast paced and busy, the layout is such that you don’t find yourself making circles for an escalator or exit, even considering it is the second largest shop in the UK!  The European brands they carry, especially the London designers, that we don’t get in New York are plenty and so fun.  Their collection of the top designer brands look like they fell right off the pages of a magazine.  
My favorite floor is the east end of the 3rd, the Lingerie Department where I feel like i’m in a plush boudoir surrounded by the most beautiful pieces of under clothing.  There are so many original, pretty pieces- I wish I could somehow justify having it all.  If you are town, ask for Patricia- she fits a mean bra and reports that most of her North American clients actually do not wear the correct bra size, even those who confess to having been ‘properly’ fitted stateside!!!  She’ll show you just how a cup is meant to fit and what happens when you are wearing one too small- which apparently many of us do (yipee;)!  When you get it right you’ll be surprised at how much more flattering your bust looks properly fit!  
Above is a pic of the Stella McCartney’s new collection on display now, enjoy xx