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Uccia Loves

L I S T E N: Stromae xx

Love this Belgium singer-songwriter, Stromae, and how he breaks down his songs in these lessons/videos. What character and pizzazz- have a listen to some fun dance music xx

S U P P O R T: human consciousness development

The video above gives a glimpse into the development of MAI: Marina Abramovic Institute.  The performance artist, committed to unconditional sharing of knowledge, has also written this article to promote her Kickstarter Campaign that is collecting donations in order to realize the creation of her institute, her legacy.  MAI will facilitate long durational performance and act as center merging art, science, technology, spirituality, and education.  There are just a few more days to contribute as a founder of this amazing project, to be a part of this revolution, click here xx

I N S P I R E D: Richie Parker, The Armless Engineer

Watch this feature on a truly amazing person, Richie Parker, who is living his life to the absolute fullest- following his dreams and acting as an inspiration to us all xx

D R E A M: sports car xx

I’m sure my day at the Monticello Motor Club private race track has influenced this post.  Suddenly I’m dreaming of driving through Tuscany in an Alfa Romeo- in my dream it’s in this sports car featured in the short film above.  Though the beauty of the car is the attraction, the way this man speaks Italian is so elegant, it’s worth watching just to hear his voice xx

R E A D: Why Yogis Don’t Meditate


This is a great, simple article off for all those who say, “I’ve tried meditation and I can’t get it.” It takes just a few minutes to read and discover how come it’s ‘not working’ for you… The last line rings so true. If you’re in the New York City area September 16-19 or September 23-26, then considering learning to meditate with Thom Knoles. Email for more details xx

W A T C H: “It does the heart good…”

My first encounter with Peter Beard was on the corner of 57th & 5th the first year I moved to New York City.  I had no idea who he was at the time but as this eccentric, alluring man approached me in his velvet slippers and silk scarf I thought to myself, “This person is amazing- magical.”  And I was not wrong.  Since then I’m continuously inspired by the artist, his life work and moved by his commitment to nature, Africa and a shared love for Kenya.  Captured so beautifully by friend and fellow meditator, Derek Peck, this short film, Peter Beard: A Wild Life featured on gives a window into the life of a wonderful, passionate New Yorker who says, “It does the heart good to see what nature has made available to us.”  I could not agree more xx